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St. Wilfrid’s Hospice

Hospices need to engage the public to take part in their fund raising activities, to raise awareness and much-needed funds.

When asked to work on some new projects, we knew it would be worthwhile and interesting. We got involved by creating logos, promotional posters and registration forms for fund-raising events. Including the first Moonlight Walk, for which we illustrated an owl with huge yellow eyes, these formed the double letter O in the word moonlight, and allowed scope to have some fun by making them cut outs on the booklet. The logo and posters are proving to be very successful, gaining lots of enquiries.

This was the lovely feedback we received. “Hi Jackie, Just to let you know that our first Moonlight Walk was a huge success and already we have raised over £49,000 and still it is rolling in! We have had lots of positive comments from our walkers and will definitely hold another Moonlight Walk. Thanks so much for all your designs - they certainly worked a treat. Regards Jill”


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